In The Box Sessions

This session will be taken at our studio in Denver, NC. Pets are placed in a large white box that has been lifted about 2 feet off the ground. (Exact measurements of the box are 40in x 40in) Pets must be fine with being lifted or able to jump up. Owners can stand right beside them during the entire session. Using treats, we are able to get the dogs to pose and following the session, your photographer will take the boxes with the best poses and arrange them into a 9 box grid shown above. Options for a middle box with custom wording is available. You may bring up to 9 pets for this session. We have access to a room with kennels and two small indoor play yards for pets to hang out while taking photos with each pet individually. Clients will receive their finished image via online portal for viewing, downloading, or printing. Please note, this session only comes with ONE finished 9-box image. Please contact your photographer to purchase additional single box images taken during the session. Canvas, acrylic, metal, and paper prints are always available to order from your photographer.