We all know that pricing plays a big part in the choices we make in our daily lives. But when it comes to memories, keepsakes, and family heirlooms, always remember, quality is paramount. Don’t get your precious memories pasted onto cheaply woven canvas that will crack over time from UV exposure and have them stretched over a bad quality frame that will bow or bend in a matter of years. Make sure your money goes towards quality. Lake Norman Furtography would like to announce that we are now offering ONLY fine art products and canvases. We will continue to offer our high quality digital files with every session as well as the option to purchase high quality products. We truly value our work and spend hours editing each session to perfection before presenting it to a client. Meticulous preparation goes into each session preparing ahead of time, buying props, researching ideas and poses, washing and sanitizing items between each session, and working with each pet individually and with patience. When booking your session with us, we vow to give you and your pet the best experience possible with the least amount of stress to everyone involved. Please feel free to ask us anything!

DEPOSITS: When booking your session, you will be required to pay a $20 deposit that will be applied towards your total session fee. This holds the date and time for you and the photographer. Deposits cannot be refunded. However, sessions may be rescheduled if fair notice is given. (Does not apply to mini-sessions.)

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Please note, these are starting prices only and are subject to change according to each client’s personal preferences, additional subjects, length of session, choice of location, and taxes. Thank you for understanding the cost of our hard work and dedication!

Standard Session Fee $215

Includes Studio, Home, or Outdoor sessions.

Due at time of session.

(Payment plans available under special circumstances if discussed with photographer prior to session.)

Every session comes with the high quality digital images for printing! The standard session fee covers either a studio session or an outdoor/home session and includes an online album of about 20 finished digital images. The album is delivered via e-mail once the photographer has edited each photo. Each client may download their digital files directly from their album for sharing and printing. Copyrights (editing, selling, and advertisement use) still belong solely to photographer.

IN-THE-BOX Session Fee $149

Due at time of session.

This session will be taken at our studio in Denver, NC. Pets are placed in a large white box that has been lifted about 2 feet off the ground. (Exact measurements of the box are 40in x 40in) Pets must be fine with being lifted or able to jump up. Owners can stand right beside them during the entire session. Using treats, we are able to get the dogs to pose and following the session, your photographer will take the boxes with the best poses and arrange them into a 9 box grid shown above. Options for a middle box with custom wording is available at no extra charge. You may bring several pets for this session. We have access to a room with kennels and two small indoor play yards for pets to hang out while taking photos with each pet individually.
Please note, this session only comes with ONE finished 9-box image. Please contact your photographer to purchase additional single box images taken during the session. Clients will receive their finished image via online portal which may be downloaded to share or print. Copyrights (editing, selling, advertisement use) still belong solely to photographer.

BLACK BACKGROUND EQUINE SESSION for up to 2 horses: $150 + $50 for each additional horse.

Our black background equine package includes meeting up at a pre-determined location with an enclosed barn, shed, or indoor arena with a large open doorway. This is mandatory for naturally lit black background shots as it allows the photographer to use lighting in a way that the black background photos look natural and not manipulated with editing. People and dogs always welcome at no extra charge! Also included with this service if client requests: Image compilation with multiple subjects merged into a single photo. (Final tally of 5 photos will included merged image.)

This service includes 5 edited digital images per horse and will be delivered in an online album from which you can download your digital images for sharing and printing.
Copyrights (editing, selling, advertisement use) still belong solely to photographer.


Within 1 month of our session, you will receive your finished digital photos in an online album. You may download your images for sharing and printing or request to meet with your photographer and view product samples, receive assistance with manipulating photos to meet your desired print size, and ordering fine art products.
Copyrights (editing, selling, advertisement use) still belong solely to photographer.